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Hey 👋,

I am a digital marketing specialist and GTM & GA4 implementation expert with a passion for driving business growth through effective marketing strategies. With years of experience in the field, I have sharpened my skills in creating tracking strategies for e-commerce websites, optimizing conversions through A/B testing and data analysis, and running successful campaigns on Google Ads, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads, and more.

Currently, I am focused on providing high-quality digital marketing and GTM & GA4 implementation services to clients, helping them achieve their goals through data-driven insights and creative solutions.

As the Head of Growth at Axellero and Fueloyal, I have had the pleasure of driving growth and creating strategies for these companies using my expertise in digital marketing and technical skills. My previous experience as a full-time Digital Marketing Manager at Inchoo (an e-commerce agency) taught me how to create effective tracking strategies for e-commerce websites and optimize conversions through A/B testing and data analysis. 

Throughout my career, I have sharpened my skills in growth strategy, digital marketing, and user experience for generating conversions and quality leads. I'm learning and keeping up with this ever-changing industry every day, and always looking for new challenges and opportunities to apply my expertise, and I am confident that I can provide significant value to any company in need of digital marketing solutions.


Skills: Digital Marketing, Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics, Data Analysis, Google Ads (PPC), Facebook & Instagram Ads, Linkedin Ads, SEO, Public Relations, Copywriting, Human Relations, Communication, CX, Problem Solving Mindset, Teamwork, Empathy, Optimism! 

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